tornado approaching house

When the unexpected happens, we are here to help.


When you have a claim provide as much information as possible, including:


  • Date and time of loss.
  • Type of loss.
  • Probable cause of loss.
  • Description and estimated value of item(s) damaged.
  • In case of theft, vandalism or malicious mischief, the police must be notified - indicate police department and investigation report number.
  • Indicate if fire department was at the scene.
  • When and where insured can be contacted. (Phone Numbers, Cell Phone Numbers, Email Address)
  • The interest of insured persons and all others in the property. Including their contact information. 
  • All encumbrances on the property.
  • Is there any other insurance?
  • Any changes in title, use, occupancy, or possession of the property.
  • Date and time the claim was reported.


Once your claim is filed, we will review it as quickly as possible and get a claims adjuster sent out to see you. When the adjuster arrives, they will assess the damage to your home or the loss of your property.


If your home, personal property or farm have been damaged or a burglary has occurred, please call your local agent or the Forward Mutual office at 920-261-6616.